Shapes Crafts

A fun and easy lesson for your Kindergarten class.

The class teacher was absent for the day, so I was asked to take her place for the meantime. So I needed a fast and easy to prepare lesson. Searched through  Pinterest and saw similar activity and decided to try it.
Ideal Craft for lessons on: Colors, Shapes, Sizes
Lesson Appropriate for: 3 to 5 years old

We this lesson, we need to prepare the following:



Origami/ Colored Paper



1 Big Circle for the Car`s Body

1 Circle for the window

2 smaller circle for the wheels

2 smaller circle for the rims



  1. Fold the bottom part of the biggest circle
  2. We will only be using 1 half of the circle. Cut the circle into half, then, cut again the arc into half.
  3. Glue together the rim and tire to make the wheels of the car we are making.


4.  Now, Put together all the parts to make the car!

5. I let the children paste their car on a bond paper and let them make designs or                    story out of it.


The children had fun with this simple activity. They have to follow some rules, but at the end, they had an opportunity to express their own creativity.


Here are some of the children`s works: