Christmas Tree Ornament Craft


A. For students to learn basic shapes

B. Strengthen their dexterity skills

Target Students:

Children ages 4-6 yeas old


One Hole Puncher

Construction Paper

Thread/ Yarn

Punch Hole Reinforcement ( Optional )

Shape Print Out


  1. Depending on the age group of the class, either you print out basic shapes outline or let the children trace/ draw their own shapes.

  2. Let the students cut the shapes.img_4029

  3. Again, depending on the abilities of the students and the availability of tools, either, the teacher let the students punch the sides of their ornament by themselves or the teacher prepunch the shapes.img_4030

  4. This step can be optional: In order for the shape not to be torn easily, you can let the students put on Punch hole reinforcements. A colorful variety would be a good option. Although I`ve used a white punch hole reinforcement on the sample above which I believe is not a good idea. However, this step can help the students enhance their dexterity. img_4032

  5. Since our theme is Christmas, I prepared a red yarn for the craft. I also put tape on both ends of the yarn in order for the kids to easier insert it through the holes.img_4031

  6.  Now, let your students insert the yarn over the holes.  img_4035

  7. Finished! You can hang your finished product on your class` Christmas tree !img_4034Evaluation:

The students had fun with this activity.  However, during the class, I only prepared one cut out per child since I anticipated that the activity would be difficult for them. To my surprise, they were able to do it smoothly and they are able to do it in just 10 to 15 minutes. It would be good to prepare 2 shapes for each child.