Simple Give Away Packaging

Christmas is in the air!
And to celebrate the season we will be making a simple packaging to make our giveaways more fun!


  1. Gold Coins


2. Card Stock and Designed Paper, Embellishment, Scissors, Adhesive tape or Double Sided Tape, and one punch hole. You will also need some clear plastic        packaging.



  1. Measure and cut your base depending on the size of your chocolates. For this  project, I measured at 2 1/4 inches by 8 inches. For the inner layer, measure and cut it at 2 1/8 inches by 6 1/8 inches.

  2. Using your adhesive tape, put your layers together.

  3. You are now ready to place your chocolates to your layers. Slightly slide your adhesive tape at the back of the chocolate so that it would be easier to arrange them. IMG_4015

  4. Line them up according to your own design. Using a puncher for a cleaner look, punch a hole along the middle, them put on the ribbon for a more finished look.IMG_4017IMG_4016

  5. You can add more embellishment as you wish.  IMG_4019

  6. and we are done!! I just made a basic one for sample purposes. I know you can do better!