Super Simple Card Tutorial

For today’s craft project, we will be making some simple cards.

Since I will be making a number of them, I opted for a masculine feel for this card.

So let’s get started. First we need to prepare all our materials.

I already measured and cut the layers. I usually make cards in three layers. The base, card stock and design.
Adhesives, scissors and for this projects I would like to use some ribbons.
Some Embellishments
  1. We need to put our layers together using our adhesives.  Although we can use some double sided tape, I prefer using adhesive tape because it’s more convenient to use.IMG_3967

2.  Put on the ribbon for design.

Place ribbon according to your desired style.

3. Now attach the designed layer to the base layer.


4. We can now finish our card with some embellishments. Although I haven’t really decided on the design and theme of this one …

After some time and thinking…..

Using some of my scraps and stamps, we now have our FUNTACHETIC Card!


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