Crafter’s Mindset


All my friends know that I love crafts and I crafting. Though it`s time consuming, I still enjoy every process I need  to do to create a handmade piece. Some of my crafts I post and sell on social media. Sometimes I have bulk orders, sometimes nothing at all. Some items I sold, some items just sit on my craft area. My friends usually ask me how much do I make doing this things? frankly, not much but the answer is not the amount of income that I make, but how I make people feel.

I do crafts because I really enjoy doing it. It relaxes me because it is through crafts that I am able to just focus more on my art and on myself. I basically do crafts as gifts more than for income. Just looking at people’s positive reaction makes me feel fulfilled and all the effort and time spent is worth it. Others may not really understand how crafters work and think. But I guess, it’s all about the motivation that makes all the difference. Although we wish we could make more money out of it, but it’s not really that important, just my opinion at least for that matter.Maybe because I value people and relationships more than business. Just Like what Nike says, just do it!



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